Well Integrity Management Solutions

Wellheads, valves, and their actuators are important assets in the Oil and Gas industry and ensuring that they work properly is key to a hitch free production.

Emval’s Well Integrity Management service line includes routine and non-routine wellhead maintenance, and wellhead completions with expertise in various wellheads (Cameron, Vecto Gray, FMC & Kvaener), chokes and valves.

We supply quality wellhead systems to suit all casing size requirements to full API specifications. We provide conventional stack-up wellhead systems, fullbore and slim hole multi-bowl wellhead systems can be used on land or offshore.

We also carry out comprehensive valve refurbishments by our skilled engineers and technicians at our dedicated workshop.

Our Offerings

Our bespoke Well Integrity Management solutions include:

  • First & Second-line Maintenance (Routine & Non-Routine Maintenance)
  • Repair, Refurbishment & Installation of Wellhead Equipment & Accessories.
  • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of OEM Wellhead Equipment & Accessories.
  • Wellhead Completions
  • Tool Rentals: Lubricators, X-overs, Drilling Spools/Adapter, Running & Retrieving
  • Tool for Seal assembly & Wear Bushing
  • Repair, Refurbishment & Installation of chokes & valves (all brands)
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Bolting Services
  • Supply of Valves (Gate, Ball, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug) & Actuators
  • Milling & Installation of surface plugs with the SIS™.
  • Sequential Valve Closure with the V-Guard™

Surface Intervention System [SISTM]

The Surface Intervention System [SIS] is the industry’s first multi-functional shallow well intervention solution.

  • It is a self-contained, hydraulically-operated, shallow well intervention tool.
  • Quick, easy and safe to rig-up and rig-down.
  • Optimal for offshore locations and places where space constraint is a major challenged
  • Multiple intervention operations can be conducted consecutively thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost.
  • Reduces requirement and cost exposures for traditional well intervention technologies.
  • Equipped with barriers for live-well entry.

The SIS can be used for:

  • SIS Rig-Up
    SIS rig-up on a live well for the Retrieval of Stuck SCSSV across the Master valve

    Setting and retrieving a wide range of tubing hanger and tubing set plugs i.e., BPV, TWCV, due to the high pull (40klbs) and push (70klbs) force it can exert on surface.

  • Well inspection using video camera, memory caliper, drift gauge etc.
  • Plug setting and retrieval.
  • Installation of protective sleeves inside the Xmas tree to improve its integrity and facilitate high pressure operations such as fracking, cementing, chemical or other injection treatments without the need to upgrade the Xmas tree.
  • Milling through tough, tungsten carbide faced, stuck or inoperable gate valves and other wellhead blockages, up to 7” in diameter using a custom range of bits.
  • Cleanout tools delivering multiple functions including scraping, brushing, water jetting and debris removal. A fluid injection system cools and lubricates whilst clearing debris, eliminating the need for external lubricators.
  • Tree jack – once well barriers/ plugs have been set, the device can remove the Xmas tree for repair, upgrade, recertification or replacement.

The V-GuardTM

V-Guard™ Unit
V-Guard™ Unit

The V-Guard™ unit features a compact, lightweight, easy maintenance, reliable performance and adjustable pressure output which is widely used in the control of wellhead safety valves and offers protection to oil and gas wells in the industry.

  • It is designed as per API standard for various safety valves. Emergency shut off function for the panel is designed such that shut down is based on fusible plug fracture or abnormal flow line pressure.
  • Its quality design, easy-to-use features and versatility makes it the control panel of choice for operators that value control and safety.


Key Features

  • Dual SSV and single SCSSSV control
  • Valve sequential closure: WVSSV-MVSSV-SCSSSV
  • High pilot as high as 3000psi and low pilot as low as 50psi
  • Anti-theft clamping device
  • Platform mounted
  • Anti-theft clamp is well suited for actuators ranging from 2”- 7”
  • Applicable to any type of hydraulic actuator
  • Simple hydraulic circuit design and high-quality component
  • Clamping device is fitted with a rotary disc, so it can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal plane
  • Remote ESD function
  • SCSSSV closure can be delayed
  • Manual control open/ shutdown for MVSSV, WVSSV & SCSSSV
  • Well suited in cluster well application
  • Can find application in unattended areas
  • Low maintenance and low cost
  • Hydraulic accumulators for WV & MV SSV
  • Simple to install and very user friendly

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