Workover, E-Line & Slickline Solutions

With a comprehensive line of tools and equipment, our Workover, E-Line & Slickline service line helps our clients efficiently and cost-effectively acquire critical data that enable them to make informed decisions about the production of their wells – giving them the ability to maximize production with a low incremental investment.

Using our innovative solutions, perforating, tubing punch and bridge plug setting services can now be carried out on slickline thereby resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

Our Offerings

Our best-in-class E-Line and Slickline solutions include:

  • Production Logging
  • Cement Bond Logging
  • Carbon-Oxygen Logging
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Heavy-Duty Fishing
  • Pressure & Temperature Surveys (with DHSIT)
  • Sand Bailing
  • Gas Lift Straddle
  • Tubing Leak Testing/Detection
  • Setting of Bridge Plugs & Packers
  • Tubing Perforation
  • Workover/Completion Tools
  • Pulling & Setting of Nipple-less Bridge Plugs

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