Completions and Perforating Solutions

Our Completions and Perforating service line helps our clients reduce intervention cost and extend the life of every well completed. These reliable solutions ensure a most suitable conduit from formation to surface which is the key to getting the most return on your field development investment.

We offer a range of products from Liner Hanger Systems to Packers and Artificial Lift Systems. Whether conventional products or advanced monitoring and control systems, our products integrate seamlessly into your completion, helping you optimize recovery from your reservoir. Our full-service Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) solutions, specializes in deep penetrating, big-hole and high-pressure perforating.

Our precision rated equipment, high levels of expertise and strict attention to safety makes us your best choice for Completions and Perforating solutions.

Our Offerings

Our Completions and Perforating Solutions include:

  • Subsurface Safety Valves
  • Flow Control Equipment
  • Packers
  • Expandable Liner Hanger System
  • Swellable Technology
  • Sand Control Systems & Screens
  • Permanent Downhole Gauges
  • Gas lift Mandrels/Valves
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating System
  • Vertical & Horizontal Completions
  • Coiled Tubing Gun systems
  • Full line of associated hardware

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