Pumping and Stimulation Services

Emval Pumping Services provides quality equipment, highly trained and experienced personnel, and technical support to accommodate all offshore and onshore pumping operations.

Well Stimulation involves pumping varying volumes of specially formulated acid blends or solvent solutions into producing oil or gas formations to remove damaging materials and sediments, or to dissolve portions of the producing formation, in order to increase the production of hydrocarbons.

Emval owns and operates a range of pressure pumping equipment supported with complete auxiliary equipment for mixing and storage of fluids to carry out various well stimuation treatment operations.

This auxiliary equipment includes centrifugal mixing and feed pumps, acid and chemical transfer pumps, mixing and storage tanks. In addition to raw acid and chemical additives to tailor any formulation for different formation types treatment and damage removal.

With our Hot Oiling equipment, we can pump fluids such as oil, water, chemical and stimulants under high pressure and high heat for well servicing operations. This process cleans the wax, paraffin and scaling from the well for continued production.

Services Offered

  • Acidizing
  • Sand Clean Out
  • Nitrogen Services
  • De-Waxing Tubing & Flowlines
  • Well Kill Operations
  • Pressure Testing Tubing/Casing
  • High Pressure Pumping
  • Hot Oil Services
Pumping & Stimulation Services
Pumping & Stimulation Services
Pumping & Stimulation Services